is an innovative platform that seeks to connect businesses with their customers. The platform is set in such a way that both businesses and customers benefit and enjoy real convenience.

Lets break down the benefits for the two groups.

For Business is built give all the businesses in Zimbabwe free digital presence that will help them grow and get new customers!

  1. You list your business for FREE and describe your business in full with all the contact details, location, prices & pictures etc.
  2. Customers come to the site and search for the goods/services you provide.
  3. Your customers find you, get your location on Google maps and you phone number, and contact you.
  4. Get business from your free listing!

For Customers makes it easy for you to find the events/businesses that you are looking for!

  1. Search for an event, business or service you want using filters such as location, cost, reviews, etc
  2. Get real time results and compare them right on one page
  3. Choose the best place/event/business for you depending on your preferences
  4. Get the contact details. location etc, right on this site!